Pyredoodles Litter

8 week old Pyredoodle *SAMPLE PHOTO*
A Pyredoodle is a mix between the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees, and the Standard Poodle. The Great Pyrenees is a large, white-coated mountain dog that originated in France, and was used by Basque people in herding and guarding their livestock in the Pyrenees region between France and Spain. Noted for its calm, self-assured manner and encompassing protectiveness over its charges, the Pyrenees is considered part of the family and provides a quiet and gentle companionship when not at work. The Poodle, of French/German origin, is a medium-sized dog instantly recognizable the world over because of its curly coat and the various eye-catching clips it can sport in shows. The pyredoodle is hypoallergenic and a large teddy bear of a dog, often earning the nickname E-orr due to its calm and lazy disposition. He yearns to be the biggest lap dog ever. They are very easily trained and very loyal.

 The puppy in the photo has the same color combination that ours will have - Apricot male Standard Poodle & White female Pyrenees.

They will come with CKC registration. They are 1st Gen. Dad is AKC/CKC Standard Poodle and Mom is CKC Great Pyrenees. They will be vet checked, dewormed, and have puppy vaccines before going to their new homes.
Please contact us for more information. 

*No Available Litter at this time*




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